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LGBT Short Film / Writer Wanted

Directors:  Kyle Coffman

Screenwriter:  ?

Genre:  Drama​


We are currently looking for a writer to write a 10-15 minute LGBT drama script. The short film should have only two male gay characters, occur in an apartment location (you can use a living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and/or two bedrooms, and be no less than 10 pages and no more than 15 pages. 

We are looking for a story about anything involving these two gay male characters. The genre we prefer is drama, but a mix of comedy and/or romance is always welcome. We're looking for a great story! As long as the writer can fit within the requirements of two male gay characters and the apartment location, the sky is the limit regarding the story. Submissions should be e-mailed to In the e-mail please include a one sentence logline, a 1-2 paragraph synopsis of the story, and attach a PDF of the script. No other formats (other than the PDF) will be opened. It is highly encouraged to copyright your work with the Library of Congress before submitting (to protect yourself) or register it with WGA, East. 

We are hoping to put this short film into production in the fall 2020 (depending how coronavirus will affect production) with Kyle Coffman directing the project. As the writer, you'll have writing credit for the film and will be posted on IMDB. The diretcor may work with you on some story changes if needed.

This is not paid work since we're a small, independent production company just starting out and everyone is working for screen credit. Every penny raised will go into the production and post-production costs. This is an opportunity to have your work made and you can add this short film to your resume as a writer. We have full intentions of submitting this short film to LGBT film festivals worldwide. Remember, it's all about the story. 

Submission Deadline September 30, 2020

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