Director:  Kyle Coffman

Screenwriter:  Kyle Coffman

Starring:  Dylan, LaRay, Trysten Colburn

Genre:  Drama, LGBT


After a one night stand, Connor and Landon, fall in love and experience a horrific tragedy on the night of their wedding. 

CrAZEd Part 2

Director:  Kyle Coffman

Screenwriter:  Kyle Coffman    Story:  George R. Brooks II

Starring:  Abilgail Reno, George R. Brooks II

Genre:  Thriller


The clown is back. This time he seeks his own vigilante justice on a drug-dealing nurse who preys on selling prescription narcotics to former addicts seeking rehabilitation treatment. 


Director:  Kyle Coffman

Screenwriter:  Kyle Coffman

Starring:  Alexis Buchanan, Alanah Nicosia, Anthony Partyka, Kyle Coffman

Genre:  Drama


A grieving wife and mother must face the harsh reality of her new life.


*Official Selection 2018 Marina Del Rey Film Festival 

*Winner "Best Writing" 2018 Los Angeles Pierce College Film Festival  


Director:  Kyle Coffman

Screenwriter:  Kyle Coffman

Genre:  Thriller


A lunatic clown stalks a corrupt prosecutor after returning home from court.


Director:  Kyle Coffman

Screenwriter:  Kyle Coffman

Genre:  Horror​


Novelist Michael Parks rents an apartment, from a friend, for a weekend getaway to finish his novel. What he doesn't know is he's not alone...

*Nominated for Los Angeles City College's Cinema Division Select Films

LGBT Short Film

Directors:  Kyle Coffman

Screenwriter:  Seeking

Genre:  Drama


In 2021, Sebastian Films Unlimited is excited to release our next short film. We are searching for a writer now, and hoping to go into production fall 2020 pending on any challenges we may face during the coronavirus pandemic. Our cast and crew's safety will always hold the utmost importance. 

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