Director:  Kyle Coffman

Screenwriter:  Kyle Coffman

Starring:  Dylan LaRay, Trystan Colburn

Genre:  Drama, LGBT


After a one night stand, Connor and Landon, fall in love and experience a horrific tragedy on the night on their wedding.

Groomsday poster 2 2.png
CrAZEd Part 2

Director:  Kyle Coffman

Screenwriter:  Kyle Coffman Story: George R. Brooks II

Starring: Abigail Reno, George R. Brooks II

Genre:  Horror, Thriller


The clown is back. This time he seeks his own vigilante justice on a drug-dealing nurse who preys on selling prescription narcotics to former addicts seeking rehabilitation treatment. 

*Official Selection 2021 Thrills, Chills, and Kills Film Fest

Crazed 2 Poster Art 2_00000.jpg
Another Casserole official poster.png

Directors:  Kyle Coffman

Screenwriter:  Kyle Coffman

Starring: Alexis Buchanan, Alanah Nicosia, Anthony Partyka, Kyle Coffman

Genre:  Drama


A grieving wife and mother must face the harsh reality of her new life.

*Official Selection 2018 Marina Del Rey Film Festival

*Winner "Best Writing" 2018 Los Angeles Pierce College Film Festival


Director:  Kyle Coffman

Screenwriter:  Kyle Coffman 

Starring: Anthony Partyka, George R. Brooks II

Genre:  Horror, Thriller


A lunatic clown stalks a corrupt prosecutor after returning home from court.

CrAZEd poster.png

Directors:  Kyle Coffman

Screenwriter:  Kyle Coffman

Starring:  Brandon Newhouse

Genre:  Horror

Novelist, Michael Parks, rents an apartment for a weekend getaway to finish his novel. What he doesn't know is he's not alone...

*Nominated for Los Angeles City College's Cinema Division Select Films

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