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Meet Groomsday's Film Composer

We are proud to welcome film composer, Mauricio Pradillo, to the post-production team for our next short film, Groomsday. Pradillo, a film composer and producer, is a music composer that specializes in film and visual media, audio production, and sound design.  


CrAZEd Part 2 Competing in the Film Festival Circuit

Press Release

Sebastian Films Unlimited is proud to announce that our next short thriller short, CrAZEd Part 2, was released on YouTube on November 13, 2019.


Director, Kyle Coffman, has mentioned the vigilante style horror short, which is a sequel to CrAZEd which premiered online in 2017, will be submitted to several film (and horror) festivals throughout 2020. Hoping to catch some festival time, Sebastian Films Unlimited is eager to share this thriller short with audiences internationally. Starring Abigail Reno, George R. Brooks II, and Anthony Partyka, CrAZEd Part 2 offers thrills and chills throughout the 8 minute short. The stalker clown is back, this time to stalk a drug-dealing nurse who preys on addicts. CrAZEd Part 2 can be found on and beginning on November 13, 2019.

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Shooting on a Shoestring: St. Louis Native Kyle Coffman’s iPhone Film Selected to Screen at Marina del Rey Film Festival

OUT IN STL by Chris Andoe

Kyle Coffman was living comfortably with his longtime partner in Washington D.C, but was haunted by his unpursued dream of being a filmmaker.

“I met my partner in Alton in 2003 and we moved to D.C. for his job. I never stopped writing and the dream never went away. Around 2011 I couldn’t take it anymore. Working as a property manager in D.C. wasn’t the life for me. I literally felt like I was living someone else’s life.” Coffman recalled.

The couple thought it over for about a year, and then in 2013, when Coffman was 31, they relocated to Los Angeles, where Coffman enrolled in a film program at a community college, and then transferred to film school at California State University.


The 2nd Annual Pierce College Film Festival Award Show

Demigodess Chronicle by Christy Oldham ​

The Los Angeles Pierce College is a community college in Woodland Hills, California that began in 1947. It maintains a 225 acre working farm for hands-on training in agricultural and veterinary study. The initial focus was crop cultivation and animal husbandry but today, students study a variety of subjects, including cinema. The 2nd Annual Pierce College Film Festival celebrates all things cinema -whether it’s through discussion, viewing, or the creative process of making a movie. This year, the popular film festival received over 40 submissions in the district ranging from high school students to college students.

Marina del Rey Film Festival Official Se
WINNER BEST WRITING - Los Angeles Pierce

Another Casserole Officially Selected in 2 Film festivals and Wins "Best Writing"

Press Release

The short film, Another Casserole, was an official selection at the 2018 Marina Del Rey Film Festival and winner of "Best Writing"  at the 2018 Los Angeles Pierce College film festival. The short film, loosely based on a true story, is about a grieving wife and mother who must face the harsh reality of her new life. Shot over 3 days, this 8 minute short film is a representation of how a society can be impacted by one choice that changes  four lives forever.