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Guys Like You now on HERE TV

Here TV promo.png


Guys Like You has been officially picked up by Here TV. After gaining over 2 million views on YouTube, the web-series, has found its new home. Here TV is an American premium television network targeting LGBTQ+ audiences and is available nationwide on all major cable systems, fiber optics systems, and Internet TV providers as either a 24/7 premium subscription channel, a video on demand service, and/or a subscription video on demand service. Guys Like You is about a gay college student who navigates his way through life while trying to find his self-worth after meeting three different guys, over three different years, that each leave a unique impact on him. There still isn’t a definitive answer if Guys Like You will be green lit for a second season, but the limited series had been accepted into multiple film festivals and won several awards including WINNER "Best Performance" by actor Trystan Colburn, Gay Binge Film Festival, 2022, FESTIVAL FAVORITE Cinema Diverse: Palm Springs LGBTQ+ Film Festival, 2023, and OFFICIAL NOMINEE "Best Pilot/Series" Merced Queer Film Festival, 2022, just to name a few. The first season was directed by Kyle Coffman and written by Trystan Colburn, who also stars in the show as leading character, Derek. Also co-starring is Chuck Saculla, Connor McRaith, and Markus Jorgensen. Watch exclusively on Here TV

Guys Like You - Benji WINS "Festival Favorite" Cinema Diverse: Palm Springs LGBTQ+ 16th Annual Film Festival, 2023

GLY Benji WIN Cinema Diverse 2023.png


Guys Like You's second episode, Benji, WON "Festival Favorite" at Cinema Diverse's 16th Annual Palm Springs LGBTQ+ Film Festival, 2023. Each episode of the web-series stands as its own short film. Benji won as part of the festival's shorts fest. Guys Like You-Benji explores young college love with the hopes and reservations of having an international relationship. While fluttering hearts and butterflies, in the stomach, is brought to Derek by the charismatic and charming British Benji; Derek maintains walls around his heart that have clearly been broken before. This story explores young love at its finest & begs the question, is love truly worth it? Potential heartache or the idea of a lasting love regardless of the international obstacles that lie ahead? All the while, between two college buddies who are exploring that next step in their lives.  Guys Like You - Benji stars Trystan Colburn and Connor McRaith. Directed by Kyle Coffman. Cinema Diverse: Palm Springs LGBTQ+ Film Festival ran from Sept 21- 24, 2023 and Sept 28 - Oct 1, 2023.

Groomsday Wins Festival Favorite at Cinema Diverse: Palm Springs LGBTQ Film Fest, 2022

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Writer/Director of Groosmday, Kyle Coffman (pictured right), and the film's co-star, Trystan Colburn (pictured left), attended the Cinema Diverse: Palm Springs LGBTQ Film Festival at the Camelot Theatres in Palm Springs, CA in September of 2022. Groomsday played for audiences as part of the "Hate Still Happens" short films set and WON as a Festival Favorite. Other short films in the set featured stories of hate and homophobia at its worse, and with most of the short films ending with the idea that hope is there and the LGBTQ community will always prevail. A Q&A session occurred after the screenings of the short films, with Coffman taking questions from the audience about the inspiration behind Groomsday and its important message he hopes audiences receive from the short film. Other films screened in the set included Georgia, LGBTQ+101, Median, Separate, Different, Cosmopolitan, Paroles, and Blindside. Sebastian Films Unlimited was truly honored to be part of an important film set.

New Horror Podcast Dark Corner Launches

Dark Corner


Sebastian Films Unlimited is excited to announce we’ve expanded our media and launched the new horror podcast Dark Corner. Created and hosted by Kyle Coffman, each episode (which comes out every other Friday) features a new scary story written by various authors. It’s a non-serial podcast where listeners can jump around episodes without being lost from not listening to the previous one. Each episode tells their own story. We’re proud to give un-represented authors the opportunity to give their written scary stories a voice to our listeners and those authors will receive shout outs, on their episode, directing listeners to their social media and location of their continued work to gain even more exposure. Interested writers can submit their scary stories by visiting the Podcast page on Coffman originally came up with the idea of a horror podcast after listening to several true crime podcasts and horror audio books. He decided to combine the two ideas to tell a different scary story on each episode. Episodes range anywhere from 18min – 32 mins which makes each episode the perfect time for a work commute or stroll around the block. Dark Corner has released several episodes and can be found on multiple podcasts including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Amazon Music, and so many more. Give it a listen, if you dare!

Groomsday & Guys Like You Official WINNER & Nominees


Press Release

Groomsday and Guys Like You have each been selected as an "Official Selection" to the Merced Queer Film Festival and each have scored a nomination in the festival's following categories: Groomsday, Official Nominee for "Best Long Short" film and "Best Director, and Guys Like You, Official Nominee for "Best Pilot/Series." Their inaugural film festival is located in Merced, CA. The film festival ran from May 19-22 at several venues located in downtown Merced, CA with Groomsday WNNING the "Best Long Short" film category.

Groomsday is a story of two men who fall in love, after a one night stand, and experience a horrific tragedy on the night of their wedding. Written and directed by Kyle Coffman, the short film focuses on how two people, regardless of their sexuality, can share a love and companionship that is unbreakable, despite the homophobic obstacles that present themselves in the story. The short film was released on Valentine's Day 2022 and is currently competing in several film festivals.

Guys Like You, created and written by Trystan Colburn, who co-stars in Groomsday, & directed by Kyle Coffman, is a three episode web series about a gay college student trying to navigate his way through life and find his self-worth after meeting three different guys, over three different years, that each leave a unique impact on him. Colburn brought Coffman on as director and co-producer after the two worked on Groomsday together. The web-series released on YouTube in Nov 2021 and has been widely successful amongst viewers and critics. The web series have received almost 1 million combined views to date. 

Both projects screened at the Merced Queer Film Festival May 19-22, 2022. Please visit their website a listing of all the nominees and winners. 

Groomsday: The Price of Others' Cruelty

Review by Indie Shorts Mag

Kyle Coffman’s Groomsday, featuring Trystan Colburn in a second collaboration with Coffman, chronicles the story of a couple from their early days to their bloodied wedding night. A non-linear narrative wrapped up in 16 minutes, the film keeps returning to the gruesome present, survival in doubt. 

Landon (Colburn) and Connor’s (Dylan LaRay) fast-developing relationship is prime rom-com material. They hook up and, finding each other enjoyable company, hang out more. Until three months have passed, and the two are moving in together. The happy couple montage is broken down and elaborated to create deeper familiarity with the characters. Connor usually takes charge. Landon carries unhealed wounds. They watch movies together, cook together, share secrets together. There is little to put a damper on their relationship.

Indie Scripts Mag Cover.png

Groomsday Film Spotlight

ToTony Productions by Daniel Hess

Writer/Director, Kyle Coffman, explains the inspiration behind the latest film and its impact he wants it to have on audiences. 

Tell us a little bit about the story and origins of your film.

After a one-night stand, two men fall in love and experience a horrific tragedy on the night of their wedding.

The reason I made this film is because these tragedies still happen to people in the LGBTQ community every day. I want to bring attention to this in hopes of reducing homophobia and helping people to realize that the community has not yet won the fight. Sure, gay marriage is legal in many countries, but the attacks and murders against the community haven’t stopped.

Groomsday 3.png

Groomsday Wins Festival Favorite at Cinema Diverse: Palm Springs LGBTQ Film Fest

We are proud to welcome film composer, Mauricio Pradillo, to the post-production team for our next short film, Groomsday. Pradillo, a film composer and producer, is a music composer that specializes in film and visual media, audio production, and sound design.  


CrAZEd Part 2 Competing in the Film Festival Circuit

Press Release

Sebastian Films Unlimited is proud to announce that our next short thriller short, CrAZEd Part 2, was released on YouTube on November 13, 2019.


Director, Kyle Coffman, has mentioned the vigilante style horror short, which is a sequel to CrAZEd which premiered online in 2017, will be submitted to several film (and horror) festivals throughout 2020. Hoping to catch some festival time, Sebastian Films Unlimited is eager to share this thriller short with audiences internationally. Starring Abigail Reno, George R. Brooks II, and Anthony Partyka, CrAZEd Part 2 offers thrills and chills throughout the 8 minute short. The stalker clown is back, this time to stalk a drug-dealing nurse who preys on addicts. CrAZEd Part 2 can be found on and 

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Another Casserole promo.png

Shooting on a Shoestring: St. Louis Native Kyle Coffman’s iPhone Film Selected to Screen at Marina del Rey Film Festival

OUT IN STL by Chris Andoe

Kyle Coffman was living comfortably with his longtime partner in Washington D.C, but was haunted by his unpursued dream of being a filmmaker.

“I met my partner in Alton in 2003 and we moved to D.C. for his job. I never stopped writing and the dream never went away. Around 2011 I couldn’t take it anymore. Working as a property manager in D.C. wasn’t the life for me. I literally felt like I was living someone else’s life.” Coffman recalled.

The couple thought it over for about a year, and then in 2013, when Coffman was 31, they relocated to Los Angeles, where Coffman enrolled in a film program at a community college, and then transferred to film school at California State University.


The 2nd Annual Pierce College Film Festival Award Show

Demigodess Chronicle by Christy Oldham ​

The Los Angeles Pierce College is a community college in Woodland Hills, California that began in 1947. It maintains a 225 acre working farm for hands-on training in agricultural and veterinary study. The initial focus was crop cultivation and animal husbandry but today, students study a variety of subjects, including cinema. The 2nd Annual Pierce College Film Festival celebrates all things cinema -whether it’s through discussion, viewing, or the creative process of making a movie. This year, the popular film festival received over 40 submissions in the district ranging from high school students to college students.

Marina del Rey Film Festival Official Se
WINNER BEST WRITING - Los Angeles Pierce

Another Casserole Officially Selected in 2 Film festivals and Wins "Best Writing"

Press Release

The short film, Another Casserole, was an official selection at the 2018 Marina Del Rey Film Festival and winner of "Best Writing"  at the 2018 Los Angeles Pierce College film festival. The short film, loosely based on a true story, is about a grieving wife and mother who must face the harsh reality of her new life. Shot over 3 days, this 8 minute short film is a representation of how a society can be impacted by one choice that changes  four lives forever. 

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